Bedtime riddles

Just before bedtime a few nights ago, we took turns to give each other riddles in bed.

I started first. Deliberately made it easy for the boys.

I am big
I have 4 legs
I have a long nose
Who am I?

Ryan was very quick to shout ELEPHANT! He is always very fast. I have told him many times to give Ian some time to think for awhile. At least give his brother a chance to guess.

Ryan was next to give his riddle.

I am long
I have no legs
I glide on the floor
Who am I?

Of course I knew the answer. It's a snake but I gave Ian time to think. No, he can't get it right.

Ian was next to give a riddle. I was eagerly waiting to see what this 4-year-old boy can come up with.

I have 4 legs.
I have a long neck
I am a giraffe
Who am I?

Ha ha.... all laughed. It's bad to laugh but we can't stop. Ian was so embarrassed. Hid his face under the pillow and stopped participating.


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